~ Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)

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Here's the TV set, okay, and here's your brain. Okay, here's your eye. So figure I'm staying at home with you on your couch, next to you, we're taking it sideways here. We got a side shot of your head, your brain there, your eye, and the TV set. And this is supposed to be me right in here right, alright? What happens? The physiological or, physiology of sight, the mechanics of sight doesn't really explain anything about the seer, about the self, about you. It doesn't really explain much.

Let me describe here. Basically all that happens with sight or the mechanics of sight, as modern science knows it, is the following: light somehow comes off of the television or whatever it is you're seeing, in this case the television, okay? And it stimulates the retina, which is here, okay. So somehow light stimulates, goes through here, stimulates the retina, and when it stimulates the retina, this causes a type of chemical reaction. Okay? And this chemical reaction in the retina stimulates this here, the optic nerve, okay? So it stimulates the optic nerve and that sends electrical impulses; so it sends electrical impulses here. So electrical impulses start going beep beep beep beebeep beebeep, whatever. These little electrical impulses start cruising through here. Into the brain stem, okay? So into the brain, brain stem here. And then the electrical impulses go then back to the visual cortex, somewhere back here. And then back around somehow back to the brain stem, somewhere. That's all they know is that they have these electrical impulses starting here, going here, going back here somewhere, and coming back here somewhere. So you can follow these, and where are you? Where is the seer?

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Jagad Guru Chris Butler - founder of Science of Identity Foundation