~ Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)

LORD CAITANYA SAID, "My dear devotee Haridasa, the conditioned souls of Kali-yuga will greatly benefit from this elaborate explanation of the offenses against the holy name that you've so far given. You are indeed a great spiritual stalwart and acarya".

Srila Haridasa Thakura is namacarya, or the foremost spiritual authority on the subject of the holy name. He practiced everything he preached. He taught the jivas about the pure holy name, the shadowy name or namabhasa, and the glories of the holy name. He also instructed how one should quit committing namaparadha. He taught all this by his own example.

LORD CATTANYA SAID, "O Haridasa! Simply on the strength of your wonderful devotion, you are conversant with all knowledge. All the Vedic philosophical conclusions about the topics of the Absolute Godhead, the jiva, maya, the pure name of the Lord, namabhasa and namaparadha are revealed in your speech.

It is therefore rightly said of you that the Vedas gleefully prance upon your tongue." Lord Caitanya desired that the percepts of namarasa, the topmost spiritual science of the mellows of the holy name, be revealed through the mouth of Srila Haridasa; and so the Lord spoke in that way.

Bhagavad-gita As it Is
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absolutely compulsory duties; the immanent means to attain the ultimate goal; chanting the holy name and serving the Lord under the bona fide guru's supervision.
a devotee who teaches by example, he is a spiritual master who is a pure devotee and can guide his disciples to spiritual perfection.

The materialistic demeanor cannot possibly stretch to the transcendental autocrat who is ever inviting the fallen conditioned souls to associate with Him through devotion or eternal serving mood. The phenomenal attractions are often found to tempt sentient beings to enjoy the variegated position which is opposed to undifferenced monism. People are so much apt to indulge in transitory speculations even when they are to educate themselves on a situation beyond their empiric area or experiencing jurisdiction. The esoteric aspect often knocks them to trace out immanence in their outward inspection of transitory and transformable things. This impulse moves them to fix the position of the immanent to an indeterminate impersonal entity, no clue of which could be discerned by moving earth and heaven through their organic senses.

Krsna is the exalted Supreme entity having His eternal name, eternal form, eternal attribution and eternal pastimes. The very name "Krsna" implies His love-attracting designation, expressing by His eternal nomenclature the acme of entity. His eternal beautiful heavenly blue-tinged body glowing with the intensity of ever-existing knowledge has a flute in both His hands. As His inconceivable spiritual energy is all-extending, still He maintains His all-charming medium size by His qualifying spiritual instrumentals. His all-accommodating supreme subjectivity is nicely manifested in His eternal form. The concentrated all-time presence, uncovered knowledge and inebriating felicity have their beauty in Him. The mundane manifestive portion of His own Self is known as all-pervading Paramatma, Isvara (Superior Lord) or Visnu (All-fostering)...

Gokula, like Goloka, is not a created mundane plane--unbounded character forms the display of His unlimited potency and His propagating manifestation. Baladeva is the mainstay of that energy. The transcendental entity of Baladeva has two aspects viz., infinite spiritual manifestation and infinite accommodating space for insentient gross things. The uniquadrantal delineation of material universe will be dealt with in the proper place. The triquadrantal extensions of the transcendental infinitary field of the almighty, unlamenting, nonperishing and nonapprehending unlimited situations of halo which are fully spiritual majestic foliation...

The transcendental pastimes of Krsna are twofold, viz., manifested and nonmanifested. The pastimes in Vrndavana visible to mortal eyes are the manifestive lila of Sri Krsna, and that which is not so visible, is nonmanifestive lila of Krsna. The nonmanifestive lila is always visible in Goloka and the same is visible to human eyes in Gokula, if Krsna so desires. In his Krsna-sandarbha Sri Jiva Gosvami Prabhu says, "Nonmanifestive pastimes are expressed in manifestive krsna-lila...