~ Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)

The Truth of Lord Krsna

"Lord Krsna is the only Absolute Autocrat. He is beyond anyone's jurisdiction, for He alone is the Supreme Controller and Lord. He is endowed with inconceivable potencies, and is a fully independent, self-willed and conscious being. All energies or potencies are a part of His inherent nature; therefore they are not independent of Him. The omnipotent Lord is the fountainhead of all energies. Lord Krsna is the master of unlimited opulences and potencies, yet He is still one non-dual Brahman. Through the eightfold yoga system, the yogi can perceive this same, nondual Supreme Being, who is omnipresent, localized within the heart as paramatma, the Supersoul. This aspect of Lord Krsna is also a partial manifestation. Therefore, neither Brahman nor paramatma is a complete feature of Lord Krsna. Lord Krsna alone is fully replete with absolute potency, will, control and consciousness.

Lord Krsna and His energies are one

"The multifarious energies of Lord Krsna are never independent of Him. The Vedas declare that the Lord and His energies are nondifferent. Lord Krsna is the infinite, absolute vibhu, and His energies are exhibitions of His opulences (vaibhava). In spite of His endless excellences and multifarious potencies, He remains unaffected and indivisible.

The three kinds of opulences

"The Lord's energies are manifestations of His vaibhava (opulences); the Supreme Lord, therefore, can be perceived only through these energies or vaibhava. O Lord Gauranga! You are the repository of three types of vaibhava. They are as revealed in the scriptures: the spiritual potency (cit-vaibhava), the material potency (maya or acit-vaibhava), and the marginal potency (jivaviabhava).

Cit-vaibhava or spiritual potency

"Lord Krsna's cit-vaibhava (spiritual opulences) are a transformation of His internal transcendental potencies. This unlimited display of spiritual potencies includes His abode, generally known as the Vaikuntha-loka; His innumerable names like Govinda, Hari, etc.; His transcendental forms, like the three-fold bending form with two hands playing on a flute; His divine qualities, so sublimely pleasurable to His devotees; His super-excellent pastimes like the rasa dance in Vrndavana and its non-different appearance in Navadvipa as the congregational chanting of the holy names. Thus His spiritual potencies are countless.

"The Lord's cit potency is His superior energy. It is the natural result of the Lord's spiritual fullness. "The sandhini potency by which everything exists and is held together as an inter-related whole, including the relationships of all jivas to the Lord, is an emanation of the cit potency. From that same cit-vaibhava also comes the samvit potency, which gives knowledge of one's identity and of everything else; finally, from the cit-vaibhava comes the hladini potency, which gives birth to the ecstatic bliss of spiritual emotions, spiritual relationship and the divine exchange of rasas or mellows. The Lord's cit potency is His yoga-maya, and its transformations are all beyond the jurisdiction of the mundane modes and influences.

The cit potency is never affected by the inferior acit potency. Although it descends to this inferior mundane world it, is unaffected by material inebrieties. Forever spiritual, embodying the absolute nature of the Supreme Lord, the Vedic hymns sing of its supreme position as equal to the Lord Himself.