~ Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)

Remedy for the namaparadha

"If by inadvertence and lack of experience, a mistake such as instructing and initiating a faithless person occurs, the initiating spiritual master should be filled with fear and remorse. He has to publicize his offense before the Vaisnava community and reject that insincere disciple, excommunicating him. If the guru fails to act promptly, he'll gradually sink into the depths of moral depravity and illusion, and be disenfranchised from the path of devotion. O Lord Caitanya, Your instructions to those You have ordained to propagate the holy name warn exactly about this.

Lord Caitanya's instructions to preachers

"You have explained that preachers must properly instruct the sroddhavan (persons with sraddha) about the holy name of God. In this way the whole world must be inundated with the chanting of the glories pf the holy name. With loud congregational chanting, the holy name should be propagated widely. Those who are sincere will come forward and choose a bona fide guru, receiving initiation into the name from him.

By sincere chanting they will surely obtain love of Godhead, krsna-prema. Prostitutes, criminals, cheaters and other sinful people should be made to give up their unrighteous, injurious ways; sincere sraddha should be implanted, in their hearts. When their sraddha in Krsna's holy name matures, they must receive initiation. This is the duty of a preacher as he goes from place to place, teaching everyone.

The result of this namaparadha

"If, without paying heed to Your instructions, a guru initiates an insincere pretender, he commits a grievous offense for which he goes to hell. The namaparadhas committed by the charlatan disciple slowly but surely diminish the gurus spiritual potency; finally the guru is ruined. This offense has a devastating effect on both the guru and disciple: they both must enter hell.

Sraddha first, then initiation

"My dear Lord, You are very merciful to Jagai and Madhai. These brothers were born in a brahmana family, but they became known as the worst reprobates in Navadvipa due to their virulently violent acts. Their original names were Jagadananda and Madhavananda.

First You invoked sraddha in them and then You gave them the holy name. O Lord, Your character and activities are exemplary; they shine like beacons across the world. Let everyone follow Your wonderful example.

Those who are servants of Vaisnavas will find in this Harinama Cintamani a priceless gem.