~ Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)

What occurs without surrender

"One unable to accept the six limbs of surrender is a prisoner of false ego who always thinks in terms of 'me' and 'mine'. He proudly declares, 'I am the master here. This household and family belong to me. The fruits of work are mine by right of labor, and I am their enjoyer, whether they be bitter or sweet. I am my own protector and maintainer. This woman is my wife, here is my brother he is my son. By the sweat of my brow I earn my own living. Success is the reward of my endeavors.' Intoxicated with egoism, these materialistic persons overestimate their ability and intelligence.

Scientists propagate their theories and develop technology to flaunt their denial of the Lord's omnipotence and even of the Lord Himself. Among atheists, these are the worst demons. They take credit for the so-called advancement of scientific technology and for the material comfort it brings. But factually, all is done by the Lord's will; this they conveniently forget.

"When the atheists hear of the glory of the holy name, they disbelieve it. Yet sometimes even they utter Krsna's holy name due to the pressure of social norms, but since this kind of chanting is bereft of faith, they never experience bliss. Such are the stereotyped ways of cheaters who make a mere show of religion. By repeating Krsna's name, even though in neglect, they earn a little piety, but they are deprived of the actual result of chanting: pure love of Godhead. The cause of their offensiveness is material engrossment. They are so captivated by the illusory potency that they are blinded, and it is extremely difficult for them to get free of their offensive condition. Only one who acquires a taste for pure devotional service becomes disgusted with material life; leaving it, He takes full shelter of the holy Name.

How to rid oneself of this offense

"Leaving aside all material attachments and accepting voluntary poverty, one should humbly worship Lord Krsna's lotus feet, taking full shelter of the chanting of the holy name. He should search out the association of sadhus and serve them without material desires. Gradually his heart will become impregnated with attraction for the holy name. The egoistic mentality of 'me' and 'mine' will disappear, and he will surmount the ocean of material nescience. By hearing the glories of the holy name, the last traces of false ego will dissipate. Symptoms of a pure devotee will then blossom in his heart, and he'll take to fhe six processes of surrender. He who finds complete shelter in the holy name is a great soul, for he becomes the recipient of the treasure of krsna-prema.

Symptoms of one who is free from namaparadhas

"Full spiritual benefit is not acquired simply by avoiding the ten namaparadhas. These ten offenses have, their distinctive features; in being warned to avoid them, one is actually being ordered to positively implement the specific saintly qualities that render these aparadhas impossible.

Therefore, one must not criticize, but glorify, the saintly Vaisnavas. Worship Krsna as the Supreme Absolute Lord. Realize the excellence of the guru who initiates one into the holy name. Comprehend the pre-eminence of the scriptures that reveal the glories of the holy name. Root out and destroy the desire to commit sins. Know within the heart that the holy name is eternally situated in pure transcendence. Preach the glories of the holy name only to the faithful. Give up ritualistic pious activities entirely, and surrendering fully to the holy name, chant without delusion.