~ Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)

Bhava attained quickly by offenseless chanting

"When one is thus free from offenses, he becomes the most fortunate being. He acquires all good qualities and becomes eligible to receive Lord Krsna's causeless mercy. Very quickly his chanting awards him the divine fruit of bhava, the first stage

of prema. Thus the offenseless chanter is immediately promoted from the sadhana or practice stage to bhava, or spontaneous pure devotional service. From bhava comes prema, which, according to the scriptures, is the mature fruit of pure devotion, the acme of all perfection. My dear Lord Caitanya, You have personally substantiated the fact that if any devotee chants the holy name free from offenses, he'll quickly obtain krsna-prema.

Offensive chanting impedes pure devotion

"If one continues to chant with offenses, then in spite of many endeavors, he will never attain pure devotion. The fruitive worker or karmi enjoys heavenly bliss through karma the jnani obtains liberation as a result of empirical knowledge; but pure devotion of Lord Krsna, which is very rarely attained, is available only through pure devotional service. The bliss of heaven and liberation is compared to mother-of-pearl (the shining inner surface of a pearl oyster shell), but pure devotion to Krsna is a priceless gem, the pearl itself. It is the jiva's prerogative to attain the success of his sadhana. The meaning of expert practice is that one avoids the ten namaparadhas.

The severity of namaparadha

"If one is sufficiently greedy for obtaining pure devotion, he'll chant free from the ten offenses. He must diligently avoid each of the offenses with feelings of deep repentance for having ever committed them. He should pray sincerely at the lotus feet of the holy name and chant with determination. Only then will he be blessed with the mercy of the holy name, which will destroy all of his offenses. No other activity or penance can possibly exculpate his offenses.

The process of renouncing namaparadha

"Offenses to the holy name of the Lord are dissolved solely through constant chanting. When they are thus destroyed, they can never reappear. Constant chanting means, apart from a minimal time for rest and other bare physical necessities, one should chant throughout all hours of the day with intense contrition. No other penance or ritual is as effective as this. When the offenses are destroyed, the pure holy name blossoms within the heart. The pure name of Krsna delivers bhava and finally prema.

"O Lord Caitanya, I humbly pray at Your lotus feet that the ten offenses in chanting the holy name of the Lord never find a place in my heart. Please kindly grant that I may remain submerged in the nectar of the pure name."

This wretched Bhaktivinoda is able to recite Harinama Cintamani with great joy only on the strength of Srila Haridasa Thakura's causeless mercy.