~ Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)

How to apply the sruti conclusion

"When all the cardinal conclusions of the Vedic philosophy are brought together, they add up to pure devotional service, by which the jiva attains pure love of Godhead. Wherever the principal teachings are applicable, it is wrong to substitute secondary teachings in their place. These principal meanings all indicate and uphold the science of Krsna consciousness. To artificially impose secondary meanings upon the Vedic statements is a sin that distances one from the Absolute Truth. From beginning to end, the Vedas expound the superexcellence of om or the holy name. By chanting the Lord's name, the jiva attains the highest spiritual abode. The pure devotees always take shelter of the holy name. The holy name is transcendental, being an exact replica of the Supreme Lord. Simply by namabhasa chanting, all perfection is attained in this material world. Only unfortunate fools will purposefully try to disregard the Vedic teachings and thus ruin their lives by offenses.

The Vedas teach only the pure name

"The devotee who is attached to chanting the pure name will also have the knowledge of the Vedas revealed to him. Gradually he'll also attain krsna-prema. The Vedas unequivocally declare that by chanting the holy name one experiences ecstatic bliss, as the holy name is the source of everything. The Vedas further explain that all the liberated souls are residing in the spiritual sky and are always engaged in chanting the pure name.

Tantric practice is opposed to the Vedas

"In Kali-yuga more and more people are worshipping maya, the material energy. They give up the opportunity to chant the Supreme Lord Krsna's holy name, which is full of ecstatic spiritual mellows. They take up Tantric worship in the mode of ignorance and criticize the Vedas, They digress from the real path of religion, eat meat, drink alcohol and perform other sinful activities. These offenders can never receive the shelter of the holy name, nor can they enter the Supreme Lord's eternal abode of Vrndavana.

Maya-devi's mercy is essential

"Maya-devi forces atheists to perform sinful activities and in this way deprives them of the nectar of chanting the holy name. But if she becomes appeased by an atheist's rendering service to saintly Vaisnavas, she showers him with her grace and connects them to Lord Krsna's lotus feet. Maya is an eternal maidservant of Lord Krsna. She punishes the wayward jivas who drift away from serving Lord Krsna. Those who want to serve maya are simply cheaters who can never know happiness. Yet Maya-devi rewards those who chant the holy name; she helps them cross over the ocean of material nescience.

"Maya-devi is known and worshiped in the forms of Durga, Kali, etc. The superior spiritual energy is Lord Krsna's original and primeval energy; maya is its shadow. Her intention is to rectify the erring jivas who fall away and bring them back to Krsna consciousness; this is her prime duty to the Lord. Maya showers two kinds of graces—niskapata (honest and unrestricted) and sakapata (capricious and illusory). By her niskapata mercy she gives the science of devotional service to Lord Krsna subtly mixed with material knowledge. In the case of sakapata mercy she offers temporary material favors and comforts, and thus controls the jiva. When she is dissatisfied with the jiva's behavior, she casts him into the brahmajyoti through sayujya liberation; thus the jiva is doomed.

"Therefore avoid committing the offense of criticizing the sruti scriptures. Absorb yourself in constant chanting of the holy name. If inadvertently one criticizes the sruti then he should sincerely repent his error by properly glorifying the sruti He should worship the Vedic literature and Srimad-Bhagavatam feeling great joy and respect, offering flowers and tulasi.

Srimad-Bhagavatam is the essence of the Vedic teachings and is the literary incarnation of Lord Krsna. The Bhagavatam will certainly show- er mercy upon the offender, because the Bhagavatam is an ocean of mercy. Only the reprobates criticize Srimad-Bhagavatam."

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