~ Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)

The holy name is transcendental

"The holy name already includes self-realization, and chanting it is prescribed by the Supreme Lord Himself. Selfless activities lead to the chanting of the holy name. Pious results that a brahmana could not accrue anywhere in the entire universe are easily obtained by chanting Krsna's name. The supreme position of the chanting of the holy name cannot be diminished merely by envious statements made by fruitive workers and empiricists.

"Simply by namabhasa chanting one gains all the results of fruitive activities and empirical knowledge. So if only namabhasa can offer such wonderful results, then surely the pure name can offer so much more, unlimitedly. Therefore whatever results the scriptures say are gained from chanting are easily available to the devotee who is attached to the pure name.

The doubter is doomed

"One who doubts this fact is a sinner who is doomed because of committing namaparadha. All the revealed scriptures—the Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, the puranas etc.—are filled with explanations of the super-excellence of the holy name. So to doubt these statements is abominable.

"The holy name and the Lord Himself are the same. The Lord has personally positioned chanting His holy name at the very top of all devotional activities. The Supreme Lord is fully independent, autocratic and omnipotent. All rules have come into force due to His arrangement. He has declared fruitive activity to be material and has revealed that cultivating knowledge of impersonal brahman leads only to the extinction of consciousness, putting it in deep slumber. After explaining all this, the Lord, of His own accord, has invested His entire potency in His holy name. There is no point in raising any objection. Hence, an intelligent person will carefully avoid offending the all-powerful name of the Lord.

The method for counteracting this offense

"If this namaparadha is somehow committed, the offender has to go humbly to the assembly of Vaisnavas and attentively listen to the narrations of the pastimes and qualities of the Supreme Lord from the lips of a pure devotee. Full of remorse, the offender must admit his transgression against the holy name and beg forgiveness from the Vaisnavas. The Vaisnavas are realized in the glories of the name; they will mercifully deliver the offender from his sins by embracing him. Then the offensive mentality will be purified and he will be protected from the onslaught of maya. Offenses against the holy name are committed because of maya's deception. If a devotee meets or even just sees the face of such an offender, he should immediately take bath in the Ganges. If the Ganges is not nearby, he should bathe in some other pure water. In the event that this also is not possible, he should purify himself, by bathing mentally."

One who is surrendered to Krsna's most beloved consort Srimati Radharani, and to the mercy of His flute, will be adorned by the glory of Harinama Cintamani.