~ Jagad Guru Chris Butler (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)

Monkey renunciants

"The scriptures declare that the holy name is so potent it can neutralize more sins than one can commit even in a hundred million lifetimes. The most heinous of sins are counteracted just in the namabhasa stage of chanting. That is why cheats and charlatans take up chanting the name: they forsake the responsibilities of household drudgery and, hiding behind the renunciant's attire, travel from country to country. Their hearts are laden with desire's for wealth and women. You have described such persons as markata vairagis or 'monkey renunciants'.

This namaparadha is inevitable for the cheaters

"Some persons play-act as renunciants while maintaining a household mentality. These men are dead weights upon mother earth and human society, and should be avoided. A devotee who has taken shelter of the holy name can live in any situation—in household life or in the forest as a hermit. If the household situation is conducive to chanting, then the life of a mendicant is unnecessary and wrong; but if household life is unfavorable, the devotee is duty-bound to forsake home. It is a terrible offense to commit sins on the strength of chanting; this offender is forever banished from the path of devotional service.

"Devotees in the namabhosa stage of chanting must beware of such cheating company because it will have an evil influence on them. They will fall into committing this dreaded namaparadha. Those who chant the pure name are free from namaparadha.

Pure devotees are free from namaparadhas

"Devotees who have taken complete shelter of chanting the pure name are never prone to commit any of the ten namaparadhas. The holy name itself protects the pure devotees who have surrendered themselves to the pure name. But as long as the pure name has not dawned in the heart of the devotee, the danger of committing namaparadha is always threatening. Therefore devotees in the namabhasa stage have particularly to avoid this offense of committing sin on the strength of chanting.

Carefully avoid offenses

"A devotee must seek the association of pure devotees who chant the holy name offenselessly, and should be very alert against committing offenses. One who chants purely is of fixed mind and consciousness. He never deviates from thoughts of Krsna, even for a moment. As long as one has not strengthened his chanting to this point and has not fully surrendered to the holy name, he must be very vigilant to avoid offenses.

He must especially guard against the offense of committing sin on the strength of chanting. He should continuously chant the holy name and thus attract his spiritual master's mercy, which gives perfect knowledge of eternal relationship. This knowledge contains the science of pure devotion and the pure holy name.

Remedy for this aparadha

"If by some error this namaparadha is committed, one must search out the assembly of pure Vaisnavas. The propensity to sin is like a highway robber who accosts the wayfarer. The pure devotees are the guardians of the path who come to one's aid when the devotee calls aloud for their help. Just hearing that call, the robber immediately runs away, fearing that the guards will come. The guardians, the pure Vaisnavas, will console the devotee with soothing words and assurances of their protection."

I, the author of Harinama Cintamani, am a useless wretch. I impart this composition, having taken shelter of pure Vaisnavas.